At Results Personal Fitness we believe that each client needs an individualized and evolutionary exercise program that addresses their specific muscular and metabolic needs.  Unfortunately, most people adopt a cookie cutter routine they found either on social media or through a friend.  The mindset is… “If it worked for them it should work for me, right?” But the answer is, probably not!

Maybe after a month or so you start noticing some minor shoulder, lower back or neck pain.  The pain starts to increase, and you decide to back off exercising altogether, thinking all exercise is harmful, depriving yourself of the physical and metabolic benefits. However, the real problem is that your routine is not the right one for you! What you need is a thorough assessment by fitness professional that understands corrective exercise training, helps develop the best program for you and keeps adapting it to your continued improvement and progress.

Come into Results and let us show you the proper exercise techniques customized just for you.  We will help align your body and create the proper program for you to achieve your goals and avoid injury!

Remember…. If you are injuring yourself, it’s much more difficult to stick with an exercise program. Build the right foundation, avoid injuries and achieve your fitness goals!