We all want to look good in warmer weather, and sunshine’s right around the corner. When the dead of winter sets in, it’s easier to make excuses to not work out or keep consistent with our healthy eating habits. This is when the majority of people fall short of their body fat loss and training goals. Why? Most of us procrastinate and think we have an excess of time to get ready for bathing suit season or that special event we want to look spectacular for. But don’t rest just yet!
Focus more on overall discipline — healthy habits to maintain all year round. As we age, it is not just about looking good for isolated seasons or events. It is about staying healthy and enjoying a high quality of life with the added byproduct of looking as great as you feel!
Try these tips to increase your health and fitness levels this winter:
1. Plan your meals and training. Being healthy and fit does not come by accident; it takes effort. “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.”
2. Schedule a regular workout time that fits into your groove. Keeping an organized plan guarantees consistency and success.
3. Vary your workouts to keep it fresh and fun. Having a personal trainer or a partner for your exercise can be more effective and enjoyable. Make sure you are getting a diversity of resistance training and cardio respiratory workouts.
4. Indulge now and then. If Saturday night is your “cheat day” then keep it that way. If you end up having an event and overdo it on Wednesday night then you have to skip your Saturday.
5. Strive for specific goals. Maybe you enter a 5K or a have an ideal weight in mind. Figure out what will motivate you and aim for success.