Exercise can be tedious, taxing, and tiring. Most people try to invent any reason or excuse to justify their avoiding it.  We at Results find committing to an appointment and having a partner or trainer holds you accountable and makes your workout more collaborative — and thus enjoyable.

How many times do you procrastinate doing something you hate?  Still, we all know that once you commit to starting it’s not so painful to keep going.  A trick we use is linking more pain to “not exercising” and how off you feel if you don’t.  A healthy mind is a healthy body.  Remember that the brain is a funny and powerful organ, but most importantly remember that you are in control of it.

Try these steps to attain your fitness goals:

  1. When is “Now” a good time to start your fitness journey.
  2. Focus on what you want your fitness goal to be.
  3. Start with an exercise you enjoy first to get the momentum you need.
  4. Think about how you will look and feel in a year from now.
  5. Try to spend time with friends who live a healthy and fit lifestyle.

Spring has sprung! So take some steps today, make an appointment, and commit to your health and fitness goals. As we say, “motion changes emotion” — look as good as you feel as the flowers and your health bloom.

Without our health we have nothing!