Summer has ended and that means the holidays and their infamous high calorie intake are right around the corner. How do we stay on top of our bodies? Because of vacations many of us may have slacked in watching what we consume and sticking to scheduled workouts. At this point some may not be at our “fighting weight,” a hindrance that will only worsen as the holidays approach. If you are feeling a little behind, follow these simple tips to get back on track.  Otherwise, those 5 pounds you put on at the end of the summer will turn into 10 or 15 by the end of the holidays. Remember, it much harder to lose 15 pounds than it is to lose 5!

  1. No more snacking. To me, snacking is just taking the proteins and vegetables you already ate and then eating them again. As adults we need to use the term “small meals.” Snacking encourages “cheat” foods, so by adopting “small meals” you can’t work off a bad diet!
  2. Move more. The more you move the more you burn — it’s simple math. Park your car farther away from the stores, go for more walks, and sit less. It’s all about staying active, not sedentary.
  3. Strength train. Strength training increases lean muscle mass and thus your metabolism. Make sure your fitness routine is balanced with corrective stretching and strengthening exercises. Also, keep moving from strength exercise to strength exercise: this will keep the heart rate elevated letting you burn more calories in less time. Too many people believe that all you need to do is jog to lose weight. Remember, jogging will only get you so far!
  4. Steady state cardio. Yes, I said it. There is still a place for basic cardio ie. using the elliptical, biking, and jogging. But base your cardio around the more important of the two “strength training.”
  5. Back off the booze. I am not saying no more alcohol, however you must limit it. I use the rule “drink on weekends only.” When you consume alcohol your body has to metabolize it first, and your body then stops using your fat storage for energy. Basically, by drinking you are slowing down the fat burning process. All in moderation!

I like to keep things simple. This is all you need to get ready!

Please let the RESULTS team know if we can be of more assistance to you in reaching your goals. Go for it!